When only pretty will do

I felt the need for pretty this past week, so out of the bazillion WIPs I have, these two got the most attention.
Tudor Grace-long view
Tudor Grace pattern from Knitspot, which I’m knitting in the scrumptious Silk Sock from Yarn Lust in Currant. It’s 70% merino/30% silk, soft and strong, warm but not wooly, and it has a little sheen to it. Did I mention it’s soft? Babies weep that their bottoms aren’t this soft. And of course, the Tudor Grace pattern is a dream. It’s very easy, but still fun to knit. There are 3 “lace” rows to the 10-stitch, 6-row repeat, and one row has a double YO, one has a right twist and the other changes the order of the left and right slanting decreases. So, it mixes things up a little. Easy but not monotonous. And it is pretty!
Tudor Grace WIP
On a rainy day last week, I thought about starting the Flicker sock, but I had this wonderful pink and green sock yarn that look so cheerful and springlike that I couldn’t resist. I did stick with a Cookie A. pattern however.
Monkey leg
I finally got around to trying the Monkey sock. I know they are called a “lace” sock, and I haven’t been one to knit lace socks, although I’ve made an “official” decision to get over that in 2009 (hence the Flicker sock). However, the Monkey sock is lace? Really, people? That’s like saying YO increases along a raglan edge are lace. These socks have “decorative increases” paired with directional decreases. That’s my take on it. It is knitting up very pretty in this yarn I bought from a local dyer at our Farmer’s Market last October. Here it is stretched out on my sock blockers:
Monkey leg stretched
When talking with the dyer, she promised me there would be no pooling as she did very short color repeats. There is no pooling and her color repeats are short. The base yarn is identical to Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, which knits up very nicely.
Monkey sock yarn
The Monkey sock may become my “go to” pattern for highly variegated yarn if these socks fit me well. Because we like the pretty handknits when it’s rainy and grey outside.

18 thoughts on “When only pretty will do

  1. What a beautiful scarf! I think I would wear it every day, regardless of weather or other wardrobe …

    The socks look like they will turn out great – the colors are so nice and springy.

  2. What a gorgeous scarf pattern you found, Brenda! I’m going to boomark it. Some day I will get around to knitting this scarf too. The lace panels are just calling out my name. Beautiful sock yarn too.

    I wouldn’t call Monkey socks a lace pattern either. I have those in my Ravelry queue as well. Take care. Bea.

  3. Wow, that sock/pattern combination is turning out great! Definitely no sign of pooling and colors are really fun and springy. The scarf is just lovely. I may have to check out that yarn. I am looking for something to use for crocheting a shawl that is soft with a little sheen.

  4. Excellent socks! I agree about the strangeness of calling those socks “lace,” but then again, I can’t think of a better term. I have yet to try the monkeys, but it seems like a good way to use up the enormous amount of variegated yarn in my stash.

  5. Oh wow, Tudor Grace? I must have passed that one by, but I think I may go back to it. It’s beautiful, and the colour is perfect for the design!

    You always seem to find the loveliest colours for the yarns you work with . :)

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