Tempus Fugit and all that

Holy Space-Time Continuum, Batman! Where do all the days and weeks go? I didn’t plan to be gone so long, but I have been busy. Just what have M and I been doing? Well, we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary with a day in Napa Valley. We took the “Wines and Vines” tour at Artesa Winery, which took us out into a vineyard of Pinot Noir vines (drinking wine all the while):
Pinot Noir vineyard of Artesa Winery
We hiked in Bothe-Napa Valley State Park:
Hiking in Bothe-Napa Valley State Park
We had chocolate lava cake for dessert at dinner at Greystone Restaurant, which is the restaurant run by the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena. They decorated the plate to honor the day (the dessert was very tatsy):
11th Anniversary dessert
M bought me two skeins of sock yarn at a little yarn shop called Muse in St. Helena. On top is a lovely cantaloupe-colored skein of merino/bamboo from Sincere Sheep, a local dyer who I met in the shop. She uses all natural dyes. The bottom skein is Madeline Tosh Sock in Tart. It was a red I had to have.
Anniversary Sock Yarn
Later in May, we celebrated M’s birthday when his parents and grandmother came out to visit. We are drinking Kir Royales to put us in a celebratory mood:
MLG Bday celebration 2010
I’ve done some cabling on my Dryad scarf:
Dryad Scarf: cable detail
And I’ve been swatching for different pairs of socks. Good thing I have lots of sets of dpns, no?
Sock Swatches
Now, if I could just get some FOs blocked and photographed. Hope you are all doing well!

18 thoughts on “Tempus Fugit and all that

  1. love the yarn! the cabling! and the five pair of socks started! you’ve answered the question I posed to the universe yesterday…..is five pair of socks too many to have in progress! now I have justification for starting 3 more pair! ;o)

  2. Oh, what a lovely post! The sunshine, the smiles, the wine…
    The YARN! The Socks!!! And my personal favorite? Dryad.

    Wow. You’ve been busy! (and that startitis thing with the socks? I can so relate)

  3. Happy Anniversary! I’ve actually been to Greystone Restaurant. It was a deliciously memorable experience!

    Love the new sock yarn and all the swatches. How exciting!

  4. I think Napa is the perfect place to celebrate an anniversary! Such a fun, romantic, TASTY place! Just lovely. And . . . Happy Anniversary to you.

  5. No kidding about tempus flying and all that! Happy (very) Belated Anniversary to you.

    Been forever since I visited Napa but really enjoyed it. Lovely country.

  6. Oh…Happy belated Anniversary! Sounds like a wonderful anniversay day, and a beautiful day it looks like. The chocolate lava cake looks decadent…perfect for saying happy 11th. I haven’t posted as much as I’d like, but had to stop and see your latest creations.

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