A perfect wrap for a cool spring morning

We have been having a cool spring (although we should be in the low 80s this coming weekend), and this Guernsey Wrap designed by Jared Flood has been a nice change from a jacket. I like how it looks with the plumberry cardigan my parents gave me for Christmas.
M took these photos of me at the UC Davis arboretum on Easter morning. I have no idea what any of the flowering shrubs and trees are, but they sure were pretty.
My wrap even matches these flowers! I knit this out of Quince and Co. Lark yarn in Lupine. I love this yarn. The stitch definition is fantastic, and the yarn has a good bit of bounce and spring. It is also not in the least bit scratchy. Just wonderful!
The pattern was fun to knit and very well written, although it was clear that Mr. Flood has much younger eyes. The chart row numbers were very small in a fine, sans-serif font. Artistically very lovely, but I had to write bigger numbers at the changes in pattern stitch. The pattern also took pretty much all the yarn it said it would, but that was fine with me. Due to the nature of the pattern stitches, there really isn’t an easy way to lengthen (I doubt shortening would be a good idea) the pattern, although with a little thinking, motifs could be repeated in a symmetrical order. All in all I am very pleased with how this turned out.

To close, I want to show you the dessert I made for our Easter dinner. Pineapples were on sale, so I made some pineapple sorbet and served it with strawberries and some mocha shortbread I baked. I even garnished the plates with a sprig of mint! If only I had made some contrastingly colored sauce that I had drizzled all around, then we could call the plating “fancy-schmancy;” instead I think we just have to go with fancy. M liked this!

7 thoughts on “A perfect wrap for a cool spring morning

  1. Your wrap matches the lilacs! It is gorgeous, as are you wearing it!

    And that is one amazing looking dessert (maybe a raspberry sauce next time?) Fancy is a good word for it! :)

  2. At our house that would totally count as fancy schmancy, just because its something other than mac ‘n cheese, frozen peas, and lollipops. ;)

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